Do Med Spas Dilute Botox? An Expert's Perspective

When it comes to Botox, it's important to be aware of the risks associated with dilution. Diluting Botox with too much saline can reduce its effectiveness and increase the risk of complications. To protect yourself, be sure to check for a bottle sticker that indicates the batch number and expiration date. Additionally, ask your provider about their level of experience and if they have a medical director on-site or available quickly as needed.

It's also important to note that the amount of Botox used and the amount of saline used to dilute it will vary depending on the injector's preference and the area being treated. For example, a heavier concentrate may be used around larger, denser muscles, such as the glabella (between the eyebrows), while less Botox may be used around weaker muscles, such as around the eyes. It's also important to be aware of practitioners who may be deceiving people by overdiluting Botox. This means that instead of reconstituting it with 1 ml of saline, they are reconstituting it with 1.2 ml (or some amount a little more) and then treating it as if it had only been done with 1 ml, thus obtaining some additional units from the vial.

This is ethically and morally wrong, not to mention that it is likely illegal. Before receiving an injection, you should also make sure that the person giving you the injections is a board-certified medical professional who has a thorough understanding of how facial anatomy works. Additionally, one week before receiving Botox treatment, you'll want to stop taking medications that can thin your blood. It's important to remember that too dilute injections can be ineffective and increase the risk of complications, such as having a drooping eyelid.

To ensure you get the best results from your Botox treatment, make sure you are working with a professional who knows the right mix to keep Botox strong and safe.

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