What Does SPA Stand For in Medicine?

SPA is a widely used acronym in British Medicine, which stands for suprapubic (bladder) aspiration. This type of activity, such as teaching, research, clinical management, or medical education, requires additional SPA time. It is important for employers to consider this as part of the work planning process and provide appropriate opportunities for personal development. The abbreviation SPA can have multiple meanings in the medical field.

In science and medicine, it stands for sperm penetration test; single point of access. All meanings related to the acronym SPA are exclusive to medical terminology and no other meanings are found. This guide will help you understand what qualifies as a supportive professional activity (SPA) and how much time should be allocated for it as part of your work plan. According to the Welsh Assembly Government's good practice guide, all SAS doctors should have at least 20% SPA time.

By contract, you must have at least one PA (scheduled activity, a total of four hours) per week of SPA time. The amount of SPA time may vary depending on experience and professional level. It is important to analyze the balance between SPA time and other work and include it in your work plan. Unless there are 45 different meanings, search again by writing question structures such as “what does SPA mean in Medicine” or “the meaning of SPA in Medicine”.

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