What is a Medical Spa? A Comprehensive Guide

A medical spa is a unique combination of an aesthetic medical center and a day spa that provides non-surgical aesthetic medical services under the supervision of a licensed physician. It goes beyond the usual pampering experience, offering medical grade aesthetic procedures in a relaxing environment. Such treatments may include injections for wrinkles in the upper part of the face, fillers to restore volume loss to the face, laser therapies to repair sun damage, laser hair removal, acne therapy, and medical grade facial treatments and peels. In addition, MedSpas can sell medical-grade skin care products that can further enhance the benefits of the procedures they offer.

Medical spas are one of the most exciting and rapidly growing areas of medicine. They offer peace of mind with the expertise of a licensed physician driven by advanced technology. While day spas focus on pampering and relaxation, medical spas focus more on services that provide lasting skin improvements. Some of the best (and most expensive) medical spas are found in Europe, including Switzerland's Clinique La Prairie and Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

At most medical spas, you can expect to find a range of treatments for acne, laser hair removal, and skin aging, as well as services found in traditional spas, such as facials. There are more than 6,800 medical spas representing almost 5% of the global total, but they generate more than 7% of spa revenues worldwide. Medical spa services also include weight-loss and stress-reduction programs, checkups, beauty treatments, and preventive medicine. Medical spas are a great way to achieve non-surgical cosmetic changes with the convenience of a trained professional and the ease of a spa.

In other words, treatments offered at medical spas have, at a minimum, a long-term effect and, in some cases, even permanent positive results. While Western medical practice treats symptoms, it is complementary and alternative medicine (MCA) that has helped to create the link between medicine and spas. In recent years, growth in the number of medical spas has slightly outpaced that of spas in general, although the increase in revenues has lagged behind the global total. At a medical spa, licensed medical professionals provide clinical-level solutions to your most frustrating health and beauty problems.

In fact, medical spas can now offer non-surgical anti-aging treatments that were previously only performed in a doctor's office.

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