How to Enjoy a Spa Experience During Your Period

When it comes to menstrual products for swimming, your best bet is a tampon or a menstrual cup. Pads are not suitable as they cannot absorb menstrual flow when wet. There are plenty of ways to create a spa-like experience at home during your period, from nourishing meals to self-massage, to taking time to read a good book or watch a movie. You can also visit the sauna at your local health club or spa, especially if they offer discounted rates for women during their period.

Massage therapists agree that being on your period does not mean you have to cancel your spa treatment, but it is important to let the masseuse know so they can be more careful when massaging the abdominal area. The only way to be sure that your spa is safe is to have it evaluated by a licensed professional who specializes in spa testing. It is also possible that your spa has been incorrectly installed and the right amount of chemicals has not been added to it to meet safety standards required by law. Speak with the manager of the spa and they will be able to recommend special treatments for you while you are menstruating.

For many of my clients and myself, the menstrual phase and the week leading up to it are times when we focus on spa-like moments of self-care that help us restore both body and mind in small ways. The views expressed in this column are not those of Endometriosis News or its parent company, BioNews, and are intended to provoke discussion on issues related to endometriosis. If you cannot find anyone who offers this service, you can consider having a professional installer inspect your spa before installing it. So the next time you have your monthly cycle, treat yourself by going to a spa and getting a full body massage with essential oils.

Some areas have regulations that state that spas must be inspected and certified by an independent laboratory before they can be used. Others require that the spa be tested by an independent laboratory before it can be sold or rented (this is called “certified pre-owned”). Tell the spa manager that you are having your period and ask if it's OK for you to take a rosewater bath. If this is not possible, then you should try to find someone who has a permit to install spas (often called “spa installers”).

The few times I've been lucky enough to visit a spa, I've always been served delicious tea with soothing and medicinal properties.

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