Do Med Spas Water Down Botox? - An Expert's Perspective

Botox is a barely visible powder that is reconstituted in solution to create the liquid that is injected. This is different from diluting it, which is when a physician knows what they are supposed to reconstitute Botox with, but intentionally uses a little more. This is ethically and morally wrong, as it makes the injection much less effective and can be dangerous. When considering Botox treatments, it is important to make sure that the person giving you the injections is a board-certified medical professional who has a thorough understanding of facial anatomy.

They should also be able to inform you of all the risks of treatment and require you to provide your medical history and sign an authorization form. It is important for a licensed medical professional to administer your treatment in a medical setting rather than an esthetician or beauty technician. In addition, it is important for your provider's medical director to be knowledgeable and easily accessible to address any complications. You should also ask about the medical director's level of experience and determine if it is onsite or if it is available quickly as needed.

In recent weeks, several groups of doctors, insurance groups and even Allergan have warned consumers to avoid Botox parties, where discounted treatments are offered at private homes, gyms or spas. These treatments are often not administered by a board-certified medical professional and can be dangerous. It is important to remember that Botox treatments usually last about four months, so why pay for a dozen injections at a shopping mall medical spa when you can get a couple of expertly administered and properly mixed doses from a high-quality professional? At the end of the day, it is important to make sure that you are receiving your Botox treatments from a reputable provider who has your best interests in mind. Make sure that they are using the correct amount of solution and not cutting corners in order to save money.

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