How to Find the Right Medical Director for Your Med Spa

Before you post a job offer for your new medical director, make sure that all the appropriate qualifications and requirements are listed. You can also try to hire a medical director using traditional employment websites, such as Indeed or CareerBuilder. This is a convenient way to find candidates from near and far, and could generate a deep and talented pool of potential hires. However, it's an opportunity in the dark, and it's up to you to go through a thorough interview process and review references to find someone who is right for your practice.

If you don't live in an area with a relatively large population, you may have trouble finding qualified candidates. To find an accredited medical director, get ready to do some research. Consider networking at professional society events and asking existing medical directors if they have medical colleagues who may be interested. Local dermatology and plastic surgery programs may meet new graduates seeking positions; on the other hand, semi-retired physicians may be interested in a more discreet environment and earning additional income.

A medical director is a doctor who oversees the operations of the facility where you work. This can be in a long-term care facility or other facilities, such as a medical spa. The medical director is someone who executes the center's policies, systems, and agenda. As a medical spa director, you will oversee a medical spa and the practices within that spa to keep customers safe.

To be qualified to become a medical director, one must have a medical degree, previous work experience, and board certification. Many positions as a medical director are quite flexible in terms of hours and time spent on work. This is a great position for someone looking to have more flexibility in their career, but who still wants to maintain a healthy income. Once you have established a list of potential candidates, it will be a matter of evaluating the compatibility of each one for your medical spa.

If your state follows these regulations, no employment contract between you and a board-certified doctor will make your medical spa legitimate. In the past, these treatments were performed mainly by plastic surgeons and dermatologists with several years of training. Even dermatologists and plastic surgeons need experience in this type of medical treatment in order to act as medical directors. Depending on the state, a medical director is generally required to have experience or specialty in Medical Aesthetics, and may also be required to have financial ownership.

Most states now require medical directors at medical spas to specialize in aesthetic medicine, or at least have experience and training in the field, to properly delegate and monitor these surgeries and treatments. Medical directors must verify that all procedures performed in the office are properly delegated and supervised and that non-medical personnel follow a protocol to comply with state law. A medical spa director with between one and four years of experience can expect to earn an average of around 53,000, while a medical spa director with between ten and nineteen years of experience can expect to earn around 90,000. It's also an opportunity to learn how to start up your own medical spa with the training of a leading expert and world-class instructor.

When creating a job offer for your new medical director, make sure all necessary requirements are listed. Keep in mind the following hiring guidelines for the best medical director of your cosmetic clinic: they must have a medical degree; previous work experience; board certification; experience or specialty in Medical Aesthetics; financial ownership; industry-relevant aesthetic or clinical experience; ability to delegate tasks; knowledge of protocols; understanding of state laws; ability to supervise personnel; understanding of customer safety; knowledge of how to start up their own medical spa. Medspas are popping up across the country as more people become interested in obtaining medical and aesthetic procedures. The industry is booming at all ages! A medical director supervises caregivers who perform aesthetic medical procedures and creates protocols that govern the practice.

It's not a good idea to choose someone who doesn't have industry-relevant aesthetic or clinical experience.

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