What are Medical Spas and How Can They Help You?

Medical spas, also known as medi-spas or medical spas, are a combination of an aesthetic medical center and a day spa that provides non-surgical aesthetic medical services under the supervision of a licensed physician. In recent years, these facilities have become increasingly popular for both men and women. At a medical spa, you can expect to find medical grade aesthetic procedures such as injections for wrinkles in the upper part of the face, fillers to restore volume loss to the face, laser therapies to repair sun damage, laser hair removal, acne therapy, and medical grade facial treatments and peels. In addition, medical spas often sell medical-grade skin care products that can further enhance the benefits of the procedures they offer.

The team at a medical spa typically includes licensed medical and nursing professionals who have undergone rigorous training in the most up-to-date and effective protocols. The biggest difference between a traditional day spa and a medical spa is the types of procedures offered. For example, some medical spas specialize in cryotherapy, a procedure that has been shown to reduce inflammation, increase energy and metabolism, increase the body's natural healing capabilities, and relieve pain. The California Medical Board urges consumers to investigate five key facts before undergoing treatment at a medical spa.

These include researching the qualifications of the staff, understanding the risks associated with any procedure, asking about any potential side effects or complications, understanding the cost of treatment, and ensuring that all treatments are performed by a licensed professional. In addition to providing medical grade treatments, many medical spas also offer luxurious treatments such as massages, salt shines, algae wraps, and facials. The facility is known for its high-quality products, the latest technology and a comfortable and relaxing environment. The medical spa team includes licensed estheticians, laser technicians, medical estheticians, and massage therapists with years of experience.

Richard Ruiz, the founder of Bare Med Spa, is certified in Family Practice by the American Board of Family Practice and holds a medical degree with honors from the University of Kansas School of Medicine. More and more patients are turning to medical spa treatments to improve their physical appearance and increase their confidence. If you decide to add these services to your practice or business, it is important to use proven marketing strategies that will help grow your business and improve your online reputation.

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